Why is eating with chopsticks so much fun?

Answer I think it's because it gives the dexterous person a chance to show off skills others have not been able to polish. Once a person is comfortable with chop sticks, they are as easy to use as a fork... Read More »

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Do you know how to use Chopsticks?

Yes I have known for long time know. All three of my children know or are learnig my 8 year old down packed my four year old expert my 2 year old uses the trainer chopsticks.

How to Eat with Chopsticks?

Do you love Asian food, but want the full experience by eating it as it was meant to be eaten - with chopsticks? Chopsticks are the main eating utensil in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, & Vietnam. Ko... Read More »

How to Use and Eat With Chopsticks?

Have you ever wanted to eat with chopsticks? A lot of people use them in many different ways but there is a certain way that I like to use mine. This method is pretty simple and easy to do. Read on... Read More »

Who can use chopsticks?

I am fantastic at it, and when my kids were little, 3 and 4 I started them, now at 14 they are as natural with them as forks and knives and will use them often. They are so good for getting pickle... Read More »