Why is eating veg/fruit so dangerous?

Answer Now I'm glad I forgot to pick up melons last week.

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Is eating cinnamon dangerous?

Cinnamon helps you stabilize your sugar levels and many diabetics knows this and uses it. It is not dangerous at all.

Is Eating At Night Dangerous?

It's only dangerous if you spill pizza sauce on the bedspread your wife just bought.

Is eating dried seaweed dangerous?

On One Hand: A Health BonanzaDried seaweed is highly nutritious. It is not dangerous. In fact, according to Teruko Arasaki and Sebin, authors of the book "Vegetables from the Sea," seaweed contains... Read More »

Is eating spicy and hot food during pregnancy dangerous?

According to the book "What to Expect When Your Expecting" it is safe to eat all the hot foods you like as long as you can tolerate the heartburn and indigestion that follow. In fact the book says ... Read More »