Why is dropping cameras so popular?

Answer These days everybody is a super special unique snowflake - by extension so are their cameras. Just because the average camera is destroyed after dropping it onto cement, doesn't mean theirs is. Sur... Read More »

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Which model of Canon cameras is the most popular?

for slr prob the rebel xti or rebel but they are kinda costly xsi

What digital cameras are popular for Christmas 2007?

Popular Digital Cameras Cannon Rebel XTi, and any Sony Cybershot with 7 megapixels or better.

Why are single lens reflex cameras are popular with professional photographers?

There are many more functions, such as ability to shoot in RAW format (not present in most point-and-shoots), manual focus, ability to shoot in different lens, etc.Basically, when you shoot with a ... Read More »

Whats is the difference between film based cameras and digital cameras?

now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is eas... Read More »