Why is donating plasma while pregnant harmful?

Answer Yes! Donating plasma while pregnant is harmful to your baby. You need to preserve all your bodily nutrients and fluids for you and your baby at this time. Your baby relies on you for it's developm... Read More »

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How painful is it while donating plasma How long does it take?

The initial screening and mini-physical take about 30 minutes. Plasma donation is a component of apheresis donation. Apheresis is an automated donation process that allows you to selectively ... Read More »

Can sneezing be harmful while pregnant?

sneezing has no effect during pregnancy unless you violently shake during the sneeze

Is usuing a vibartor while pregnant harmful?

Is eating lemons while pregnant harmful?

No, eating lemons is not harmful to the baby. However, eating lemons undiluted is very harmful to the enamel on your teeth since they are very acidic. Moderation is the key.