Why is diversity in the workplace good?

Answer Companies must follow the laws mandated by Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. A diverse workforce needs protection, support and appreciation, so employees feel empowered to contri... Read More »

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Why Is Diversity Good in the Workplace?

Diversity is often looked at as a force that creates inclusion, growth, achievement, camaraderie and equality for people from all backgrounds within the workplace. It changes workplace composition ... Read More »

What is the Value of Diversity in the Workplace?

Diversity in the workplace is valuable to both associations and employers. It can be challenging to create a diverse workplace where everyone gets along, but it is often essential to the success of... Read More »

What does workplace diversity mean?

Workplace diversity is the variety of differences in the people that make up an organization. Diversity in the workplace stems from a variety of genders, races, ethnicity, age, personality, educati... Read More »

Diversity & Discrimination in the Workplace?

The demographic face of America is evolving at a rapid pace. With this surge in diversity comes a need for cultural sensitivity. In instances where this sensitivity is absent or has failed, discrim... Read More »