Is Devils Tower active?

Answer Though scientists once thought Devils Tower was the remains of an extinct volcano, they now believe it is a laccolith, which is a sub-surface intrusion of hot magma. The tower likely first became v... Read More »

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Where is the Devils Tower volcano?

Devils Tower National Monument sits along the Belle Fourche River and is about 10 miles from Huett, Wyoming. The site, named as the country's first national monument in 1906, is not actually a volc... Read More »

What city is Devils Tower in?

Devils Tower is a geological formation that was named the first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. It is located in Devils Tower, Wyoming. The tower is 1,267 feet high, over... Read More »

Can the Devils Tower ever erupt?

Although geologists believe that Devils Tower might be the remnants of an extinct volcanic plug, it is unlikely that it will ever erupt. The National Park Service states that the tower was formed b... Read More »

What is devils tower famous for?

Located in Wyoming, the Devils' Tower is famous for being designated the first national monument in the United States. In 1941, daredevil George Hopkins made headlines by parachuting atop the towe... Read More »