Why is depreciation needed?

Answer Depreciation is a method for recognizing the fact that many assets, such as business equipment, furniture and vehicles, lose their value gradually over time. This gradual loss should be calculated ... Read More »

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Difference Between Depreciation & Depreciation Expense?

In general usage, depreciation is the decline in an asset's value due to both internal and external causes. In accounting, depreciation is a decline in an asset's value during its useful lifespan, ... Read More »

What is depreciation value?

Depreciation value is the spreading of the reduction in an asset's value over its useful life. The value of the asset diminishes due to constant usage, obsolescence and availability of newer produc... Read More »

How much depreciation?

If you go to trade it in you are going to take a bath. Figure 30% or more if trading. If you are going to trade for a smaller tractor forget it. Going smaller you always lose big time no matter wha... Read More »

What is depreciation used for?

Depreciation is a noncash expense, which will reduce the value of an asset (buildings, equipment, etc) due to wear and tear, age or uselessness. Most assets will lose their value over time, or depr... Read More »