Why is crime DNA testing so good?

Answer Analyzing DNA evidence collected from a crime scene can implicate or eliminate a suspect because everyone except identical twins has DNA as unique as fingerprints. DNA evidence convicts the guilty ... Read More »

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How is DNA testing done at a crime scene?

According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), "Virtually all biological evidence found at crime scenes can be subjected to DNA testing." DNA testing is a regular part of law... Read More »

Does drug testing in schools reduce the crime rate?

On One Hand: It Cuts CrimeAdvocates of drug testing in schools argue that, logically, such a security precaution will necessarily cut crime. Students, knowing that they will be routinely tested, wi... Read More »

Do UK crime documentaries eg Street Wars glorify crime to provide entertainment or do they make the public aware of ongoing crime in the UK?

thy make the police seam as if thy have a 100% success rate

What is good about animal testing?

According to Santa Clara University, scientists use 20 million animal in experiments each year. Animal rights groups believe this to be ethically wrong, but sometimes, animal testing provides the o... Read More »