Why is cord blood collected?

Answer Cord blood is sometimes taken from a baby immediately after birth. According to the Cord Blood Registry, a stem cell bank accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, cord blood may be us... Read More »

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How Is Blood Collected & Filtrated at Blood Banks?

Donating blood can be rewarding and life saving. Most donation centers keep only a three day supply in their inventory and when these supplies drop donors are alerted, according to With r... Read More »

How is cord blood stored?

Cord blood, placed first in vials or bags, is frozen slowly to avoid damage, to a temperature of -130 Celsius. Since regular freezers will not keep the cord blood cells cold enough, they are stored... Read More »

Why save cord blood?

Cord blood is the stem cell-rich blood that is contained in the umbilical cord. It is collected right after the baby is born. The blood cells found in the umbilical cord can be used in medical rese... Read More »

How successful are cord blood transplants?

According to the Cord Blood Registry (CBR), doctors have performed cord blood transplants since 1988. The procedure takes stem cell-rich blood from newborns' umbilical cords and uses the extracted ... Read More »