Why is computer better than typewriter?

Answer 1) You can't run programs on a typewriter.2) You can't use the internet on a typewriter.3) There is no spellchecker on a typewriter.4) You couldn't have asked thisstupid question on a typewriter.Oo... Read More »

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Is a Mac computer better than Windows vista?

Yes, but Ubuntu Linux is better than both!

Would a tv work better than a monitor for my computer?

No, you'll find that TVs give a slightly blurred image as they're designed for videos, not text. A monitor is much more pixel precise for up-close viewing.

Would putting a 1 gig stick of DDR Ram in my computer be any better than using 2x 512 sticks of DDR Ram ?

hi mate in performance terms no,however i would allways go for the larger module were possible,this ensures you can add more memory to your motherboard,as using 2 x 512mb would use 1 more... Read More »

Is it better to use your computer battery than to keep it plugged in as much as possible?

It really doesn't matter because after about 2 years it will need replacement anyway. Hey, I just had a great idea (in the 1980s): How about a Manhattan Project to invent a better way of storing ... Read More »