Why is composting good?

Answer Composting is the collecting of organic waste materials--mainly plants and plant-based foods, but also manure from plant-eating animals--and providing the right conditions for the breakdown of thes... Read More »

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Eco Composting?

Composting is a way to recycle waste from your kitchen and yard so it can be used to enrich garden soil, notes informational website How to Composting is eco-friendly and can reduce ho... Read More »

Who invented composting?

Discerning composting's "inventor" is nearly impossible, because the origins of composting trace back to no specific historical region or cultural. In the modern era, German scientist Justus von L... Read More »

How do I begin composting?

Select a composting method to use. Various forms of composting include open-air composting, composting in a contained bin and vermicomposting (with worms). Acquire an appropriate composting contain... Read More »

Chemistry & Composting?

Composting is taking household organic waste like vegetable and fruit peels and scraps, grass clippings, wood chips, shredded paper and plant cuttings and letting them decompose. After the process ... Read More »