Why is communication important in a marriage?

Answer Communication in marriage is important because it affects several other aspects of the relationship. Good communication accomplishes many things while negative communication is unproductive.TrustGo... Read More »

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How do I listen in marriage communication?

Deep Listening SkillsNever interrupt your spouse when he or she is talking to you. This does not mean that you should accept abuse. When you are speaking in a civil manner with each other, do not c... Read More »

What is effective communication in marriage?

Communication in a marriage is often pegged the key to its success. Though everyone and every couple communicate differently, there are ways to be more effective when communicating with a spouse.Be... Read More »

How do I restore communication in a marriage?

One Day at a TimeTake things slowly and not try to rush anything. Whatever caused communicating to be so difficult in the first place will not go away overnight. Be willing to accept that it will t... Read More »

Importance of Communication in Marriage?

Whenever you ask people who have been married for a long time what their secret is, the answer is invariably good communication and the ability to compromise. Television personality Dr. Phil says t... Read More »