Why is coffee called java?

Answer Java actually refers to an island in Indonesia, which was the first non-Arabian producer of coffee.Origins of CoffeeCoffee is believed to have originated in the Ethopian province of Kaffa. A popula... Read More »

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When was Kitchenaid Java Studio coffee maker discontinued?

As of 2010, The Javastudio Coffee Maker has not been discontinued. The Kitchenaid Javastudio Coffee Maker is still being produced and is in stock several online stores. There may also be Javastudio... Read More »

Why is it that plain coffee is called"black coffee"when its not even black?

idk, but I think that it is just a term for it because it looks black to us when we brew it in our coffee pot and when we pour it into our cup and it turns brown when we add creamer to it, so in a ... Read More »

What is it called when you mix hot chocolate and coffee?

A mixture of hot chocolate and coffee is called a mocha. A cafe mocha (also spelled caffe mocha) is similar, but usually contains espresso instead of regular coffee. The two flavors are also combin... Read More »

Is there an alcoholic drink called Panama coffee?

There is no mixed drink called "Panama Coffee." There is, however, "Panama Deluxe," made with one part vodka, one part Kahlua coffee liqueur, one part creme de cacao and two parts cream, shaken tog... Read More »