Why is cloning so controversial?

Answer Dolly the cloned sheep became one of the world's best-known cases of cloning in 1996. With cloning becoming a more publicized form of science, the debate about its use has heated up. Controversy ab... Read More »

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Is your haircut controversial?

Why was the MMR vaccine so controversial?

It's not just MMR. Many parents are very cautious about giving something to a otherwise healthy child. Unfortunately, that's the nature of vaccines. They are to prevent future illnesses. Because of... Read More »

Another controversial question... maybe I should pop one of these out a day?

I have to be honest (and not trying to offend) but I am confused by your question. Meaning I don't know exactly what you are asking.But I will answer the best I can and of my understanding of the ... Read More »

Why is bariatric surgery controversial?

The Mayo Clinic estimates that one in three adult Americans is obese. Complications associated with obesity are numerous and sometimes life threatening. Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery is a possibl... Read More »