Why is cloning so controversial?

Answer Dolly the cloned sheep became one of the world's best-known cases of cloning in 1996. With cloning becoming a more publicized form of science, the debate about its use has heated up. Controversy ab... Read More »

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Why was the MMR vaccine so controversial?

It's not just MMR. Many parents are very cautious about giving something to a otherwise healthy child. Unfortunately, that's the nature of vaccines. They are to prevent future illnesses. Because of... Read More »

Is your haircut controversial?

Why is bariatric surgery controversial?

The Mayo Clinic estimates that one in three adult Americans is obese. Complications associated with obesity are numerous and sometimes life threatening. Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery is a possibl... Read More »

Ideas for a Controversial Persuasive Essay?

Writing without offending a person or group is a delicate process at which many writers fail. Certain topics, however, lend themselves to controversy more than others. With that said, it is not the... Read More »