Why is chocolate babka only sold in September?

Answer Some time in September and/or October is Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). In places where babka is a popular dessert people will serve it during Rosh Hashanah and when b... Read More »

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How many chocolate bunnies are sold each year?

According to GenevaLunch, an online Swiss newspaper, people buy about 80 million chocolate bunnies each year. Switzerland produces slightly less than 20 percent of the chocolate bunnies, between 13... Read More »

How Many Nestle Chocolate Bars Are Sold Each Year?

According to Nestle's 2009 annual report, the company sold over 107,000 units of chocolate, which is down 2,000 units from the 2008 yearly report. Despite the downturn, Nestle is making its goal to... Read More »

34 weeks pregnant and can not eat food but can only drink oval tine or chocolate drink in the morning only?

Why are beer bottles and cans sold in packs that are only multiples of 6?

A friend of mine works in a Brewery, the answer to this question lies in the fact the packaging machines "drop" the beer into the cases 4 bottles wide. Our ancient packaging machines are separate f... Read More »