Is Chicago the Windy City?

Answer The city of Chicago has had the nickname "The Windy City" but many people do not know the origin of the title. Chicago's tall buildings have forced powerful winds through the city for a long time, ... Read More »

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Why is Chicago called a Windy City?

Chicago acquired the nickname "the Windy City" in the late 1800s. Some origin stories claim the term comes from the breeze off the Great Lakes; others say the nickname referred to the "bluster" of ... Read More »

How to sleep on a windy night?

Its storming where I am, so I get what you're talking about. One option could be to close your eyes and pretend your on the beach and hear the "breeze". Try putting ear plugs in too:)

Please someone,when it's windy and you're driving why do you have to slow down?

It is elementary, my dear Watson, as Mr Holmes would say. You do not know what direction the blustery wind is blowing. When you are in full acceleration mode, your tires have the least amount of co... Read More »

Is Seattle the Windy City?

No, Chicago is known as the Windy City. The nickname may be the brainchild of the Chicago Tribune, which during the late 19th century promoted the city as a summer-resort town. Before then Chicago ... Read More »