Why is breastfeeding your baby important?

Answer ANSWER: Everthing below is correct, but there is more. Breastfeeding is how a baby is SUPPOSED to eat. Formula should only be used in the rare case where a mother is unable to breastfeed (which is ... Read More »

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What cute things does your baby do while breastfeeding?

My little girl is 13 weeks old and she grins at me with a mouth full of boob, she also gets this drunk look, I think it's hilarious because it's breast milk not vodka she's drinking.

Baby Name Survey: How important is "timelessness" when considering names for your child?

1. Timelessness is a quality I definately look for in names. I just think a name is something you're going to have for your whole life. I like names that transcend time. Name trends, like fashio... Read More »

How to Wean a Baby from Breastfeeding to a Full Diet?

Breast milk is the best food for babies. Until six months of age an exclusively breast-fed baby needs little else. After six months, however, the baby’s increasing nutritional needs cannot be met... Read More »

I think breastfeeding is gross. I never want to breastfeed my baby?

You must be my numer one fan. Congratulations.People like you shouldn't have children.