Why is breastfeeding your baby important?

Answer ANSWER: Everthing below is correct, but there is more. Breastfeeding is how a baby is SUPPOSED to eat. Formula should only be used in the rare case where a mother is unable to breastfeed (which is ... Read More »

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I think breastfeeding is gross. I never want to breastfeed my baby?

You must be my numer one fan. Congratulations.People like you shouldn't have children.

What cute things does your baby do while breastfeeding?

My little girl is 13 weeks old and she grins at me with a mouth full of boob, she also gets this drunk look, I think it's hilarious because it's breast milk not vodka she's drinking.

When does a woman ovulate after having a baby if she's breastfeeding?

AnswerSometimes ovulation is delayed during the time a woman is breastfeeding, but it is not a tried and true method of birth control. Also, periods may be irregular for a few months, so timing is ... Read More »

I am going to have a baby soon. How do I explain breastfeeding to my older child?

Just explain matter-of-factly where the baby's milk comes from. You can tell him that the same is true of all animals, and maybe even see if your library has any videos or books that show baby ani... Read More »