Why is boosting your immune system bad for Lymphoma?

Answer Lymphoma doesn't so much "depress" the immune system as cause it to not work properly. "Boosting" it is unlikely to make any difference. Also, lymphoma is an excessive production of white blood cel... Read More »

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Boosting my immune system?

Two things. Get your flu shot---every year. Wash your hands after every trip to a public place. Bacteria and viral infections are often transmitted from hand-to-mouth. Follow these two tips, and yo... Read More »

I work at a daycare and constantly get sick. Know any good ways to go about boosting my immune system?

White sugar, white flour, and i think white rice can weaken ur immune system, stay away from those things as much as possible, eat whole grains, and drink tea with honey, not sugar...Drugs weaken t... Read More »

Are you aware of the "flu shot being toxic as well as most other so called immune boosting shots are/ Also ..?

Wow, buddie, you got this all wrong, and all the answers above mine explain why. No more drinkie drinkie before posting questions you haven't researched. So where is my best!

How to Make a Super Health All Natural Immune Boosting Drink?

This will tell you how to make a SUPER-HEALTH drink. It is All-Natural and delicious.