Why is bamboo lucky?

Answer Lucky Bamboo is not bamboo at all, it's a member of the lily family that grows in the tropical Rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa, it needs little care which makes it a perfect house or offic... Read More »

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How do I prune lucky bamboo?

Clean CutMake a clean cut just above the leaf bract of your lucky bamboo plant, as even healthy plants tend to get top-heavy, according to a small amount of paraffin wax t... Read More »

Lucky Bamboo History?

Lucky Bamboo is a popular decorative item. Not only is it artistically appealing thanks to its twists and curls, it is also believed to carry positive energy. Scientifically known as Dracaena sande... Read More »

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo (botanical name "Dracaena sanderiana") is a small, shrubby plant that is sold extensively as a hardy houseplant. Despite its name, lucky bamboo is not related to bamboo and is not even... Read More »

How do I shape lucky bamboo?

Curling PreparationFind a cardboard box tall and wide enough to easily fit over your lucky bamboo. Cut both the bottom end and one side off of box. Locate an area to place bamboo where a strong lig... Read More »