Why is apple better ?

Answer Yes, you could use firefox. You could download microsoft office with word, powerpoint, and excel. It is impossible to get viruses on Apple's because of the way they are built. They are more advance... Read More »

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Apple Muffin Blueberry Croissant Or Apple Turnover Which from this list do you like better?

Apple muffin, though the blueberry croissant sounds gorgeous too!

How is an Apple iPad 2 better the an apple iPod touch 4?

What is better apple iPad 2 or apple iPad 3G?

The iPad 2 is the 2nd Generation model of iPads. The iPad 3G is actually an iPad (1 or 2) with a data plan attached to it so you can roam anywhere with internet access.

Which is better the apple iPad 2 or the apple iPad 3G?

The iPad two if (at the time of writing) the latest generation of iPads, where as the iPad 3G is a iPad one or two that has the ability to use mobile networks to access the internet.