Why is animated web video choppy on my browser?

Answer I would recommend buying a larger memory. Just go to an electronics store and ask how to increase your memory to a 2GB memory (or higher). Once you get the new memory installed your computer shou... Read More »

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How to Stop Animated Images in a Browser?

In FirefoxHave you ever wanted to disable those annoying images on web pages, especially the ones with excessive movement that never ends? You can easily disable those animations in Firefox, Opera,... Read More »

Why Is My Quicktime Video Choppy?

QuickTime is Apple's proprietary media player. Although it is a native MacOSX application, it is also available in a Windows version. As a media player, QuickTime is especially developed to open an... Read More »

How to fix choppy video export in Adobe Premier cs5?

It's possible that you have some issues with what your computer can handle, or maybe even the codecs that you are using. To test whether it's an issue with your computer, I'd try finding someone wi... Read More »

Who's video is it (Animated music video)?