Why is animal testing done?

Answer Animal testing is done for a number of reasons within the medical, scientific and cosmetic industries; the practice of animal testing raises a number of ethical flags, since it causes harm to livin... Read More »

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How is paternal dna testing done?

Paternal DNA testing provides scientific evidence for people seeking information regarding their paternal family lineage. Both local labs and home testing kits utilize cheek swabs to gather DNA sam... Read More »

How is DNA testing done at a crime scene?

According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), "Virtually all biological evidence found at crime scenes can be subjected to DNA testing." DNA testing is a regular part of law... Read More »

How is dna testing done to prove paternity?

There are times when circumstances prevent a woman from knowing the father of her child. Or perhaps she does know but must prove paternity in order to receive help from the father. DNA testing wil... Read More »

How early can paternity testing be done?

Doctors can perform chorionic villus sampling, in which they remove tissue from a woman's uterus, for paternity testing between the 10th and 13th weeks of a pregnancy. They can perform an amniocent... Read More »