Why is analog still around?

Answer With the advent of high-definition televisions, HDMI, and HD video, you may wonder why some people bother with analog connections and analog technology, when digital appears to produce excellent re... Read More »

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Why do I still get analog tv?

A few LOW POWER stations were allowed to stay analog for a while based on their power and economic condition.

Will radio stations still broadcast in analog in the future?

More than likely analog will continue for at least a couple more years. But it will be phased out in < 5 years for sure.I already have a HD car stereo and it is Way better than analog radio. Even w... Read More »

Will a digital tv still receive and process an analog signal from an outdoor antenna?

No. There will be no analog signal to receive and process from the outdoor antenna. The only signal coming from the outdoor antenna will be digital. When the conversion is complete. You will need t... Read More »

Is the secret service still around?

Yes. but it is a secret.When you see the President walking through crowds and shaking hands, a SS man will be right next to him. They usually wear sun glasses and have an ear piece.