Why is an SLR camera better than the automatic?

Answer SLR or single lens reflex refers to a particular type of camera in which the image and the viewfinder are both taken from one lens. effectively WYSIWYG. auto focus auto exposure modes have been av... Read More »

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Is a 10 MP DSLR camera better than a 12 MP regular digital camera?

Truth be told, its much less about megapixels and more about sensor size. The sensor in the Nikon S3000 measures a minuscule 6.16mm x 4.62mm while the sensor in the Sony A230 measures a robust 23.6... Read More »

How is your modern day camera better than the older camera?

well this depends on if your referring to Film Cameras as the old cameras or if your referring to older Digital Cameras the difference between Film and Digital cameras is that with Digital Cameras... Read More »

Is an digital camera is better than a mobile camera or not?

Not a bad question but 6K is bad. you will not get good dig cam for that price if u ready to spend 10K+ welcome there are hell lot of cam mobiles available(cyber shots) but again accurate pic is qu... Read More »

Is a film camera better than a digital camera?

Old Friends are the best! 35MM photography has been out since the thirties, has evolved and kept up with- and created some of its own trends- and is well-established as the dominant form of film-ba... Read More »