Why is an ISP needed to use the Internet?

Answer ISP stands for Internet service provider. The ISP is how your computer connects to the Internet. Without going through a service provider, your computer cannot connect to the Internet.A Simplified ... Read More »

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What is needed to use DSL for an Internet connection?

A phone jack and access to a telephone network are necessary to use DSL as an Internet connection. Depending on the type of DSL, you may also need a cable or fiber optics, although several forms of... Read More »

What is needed for wireless Internet connections?

To successfully establish a wireless Internet network, an individual needs a subscription to high-speed Internet, a wireless Internet router and a personal computer with wireless capabilities. If t... Read More »

List requirements needed to access the internet?

NIC Network Interface Card Internet Service Provider planA computerAn Operating SystemModem

Is a business license needed to sell on the Internet?

You can obtain a business license, but it is not required to sell things online--unless your business is federally regulated. You must still report all income to the Internal Revenue Service on a S... Read More »