Why is aluminum used for soda cans?

Answer Millions of Americans drink from aluminum soda cans every week of the year. Aluminum has a number of properties that make it an ideal container for soda. Chief among these is the fact that within 6... Read More »

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What type of aluminum is used in soda cans?

The type of aluminum used in soda and beer cans is derived from bauxite, which is an ore imported from Guinea and Jamaica. The ore is refined, melted and the result is molten aluminum. However, the... Read More »

When did we start using aluminum in soda cans?

The first aluminum soda cans were created in 1957; however, aluminum cans did not become widely popular until 1967 when the manufactures of Coca-Cola and Pepsi started to mass produce soda for publ... Read More »

How to Make Items With Aluminum Soda Cans?

You've heard the eco-friendly saying, "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle." By making aluminum can crafts, you can practice all three -- reducing consumption, reusing household products and recycling for an... Read More »

How many aluminum soda cans weigh a pound?

Manufacturers find ways to reduce the amount of aluminum required to make an aluminum can. In 1972, it took approximately 22 empty soda cans to weigh a pound. In 2002, approximate 34 empty soda can... Read More »