Why is alphabet soup wasted on children who don't know how to read?

Answer Maybe people think if they fed them soup with letters in it ,it would somehow soak into the blood stream and the letters would be fed to the brain where they mystically create words and then they m... Read More »

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Does anyone remember that 90s childrens tv show you think it was on ITV where some children were set to do tasks by a voice and they once got shrunk into some alphabet soup ..?

SPOILERS Hope and Liam on B&B dont read if you dont want to know?

LOL I had just finish reading all that, not so long ago it did say that Liam will back out ..again..So now they change it again..Well I wonder how this will turn out for them. and what is looming o... Read More »

How to Read the Egyptian Alphabet?

The ancient Egyptians had a fairly advanced and educated society for the time. Alexandria was home to the ancient world's largest library, where many came to study the extensive knowledge of the be... Read More »

What can i bring someone whos sick i dont have time too cook soup?

fruit, crackers, (jello like the other person said:) ) and if you have time maybe some toast? tea is always good too. also icecream sometimes feels good on a sore throat:P and there are some soups... Read More »