Why is almost everybody unable to cook?

Answer Because they were never taught the basic skills by their parents. My mum taught me to cook by the time I was 11 and I am still a great cook now, and am teaching my little boy who is 7.

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In what episode of everybody loves Raymond does Deborah cook an Italian dish that everybody loves?

The episode is called "Debra Makes Something Good". It is episode #91, and is the 18th episode of season 4.

Why does almost everybody hate the movie ghost rider?

I thought it was average, the CGI was good and the idea was nice, but the plot wans't the most engaging.

I want to cook my boyfriend a really nice meal on Friday night what should i cook?

steak always goes down good, mayb wit new pots.

For all u cooks out there. What is the best dish that u can cook For those who don't cook what's?

Im 16 and I LOVE cooking and baking... My favorite dish that I love making is fresh garlic bread, I make the french bread from scratch and and make the garlic toppings with all kinds of seasonings.... Read More »