Why is alcohol legal while weed isn't?

Answer Don't think you have your facts in order. Both are dangerous drugs with dangerous side effects. The difference is one is legal and the other one isn't. The legal issues on marijuanna have to do ... Read More »

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Where is it legal to buy Everclear alcohol?

Everclear is legal in every state, but sometimes in a restricted proof. As Alcoholism Information states, "it is illegal to purchase Everclear (190 proof) in... California, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio... Read More »

Why is Marijuana illegal when Alcohol is legal?

Paranoia is only a result of the plant being illegal. If not illegal, no paranoia would occur. 2nd, it is a known fact that you can not overdose on marijuana. You would have to smoke 1500 pounds... Read More »

Do you think 18 should be the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol?

I totally agree w/ you. Either lower the drinking age to 18, or raise the age to get into the military to 21.

How can I know when I'm over the legal alcohol driving limit?

these are basic rules of thumb: If you were sitting talking with friends and socializing, remember how many drinks you had that night. if its more than 1 drink per hour, forget it. call a cab. If ... Read More »