Why is a video card important for a computer?

Answer Video cards fall into two categories: embedded and expansion. Both types are crucial to certain tasks and the function of the computer overall, except in very specific circumstances where they are ... Read More »

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Which is more important for building a PC...the CPU or Video card ?

Both are Vital . But the Vitally varies dependingon the application for which u are going to use your machine for.Like if u are going to run Business application like Eord/excel powerpoint and inte... Read More »

Video card poll for all you computer people: Can you list all the video cards you have owned?

Blockbuster,Civic Video,Ryde Rentals and the one down the road that gives you a free bag of popcorn when you hire out 5 or more videos.BQ: Seeing as the 2nd one sounds like a venereal disease luv I... Read More »

What does Britney do if she is running late for a very important video conference call and a man is struggling with his access card when she arrives at the security door to her section?

What Britney DoesShe asks for the man's ID, verifies, and tells him he can't come in. She goes to security then to her conference call.

Can a computer run without a video card?

A computer cannot run without a video card unless it has a built-in graphics processing unit--some newer models do. If the motherboard cannot find a way to process video, it will prevent the comput... Read More »