Why is a stainless steel bowl safe in a dishwasher but not an aluminum cake pan?

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Are Amway-Queen Stainless steel pans Dishwasher safe?

Similar to table salt (NaCl), but purer: no iodine additions.Good info at

Does stainless steel silverware contain aluminum?

Aluminum is not used to make stainless steel and is not found in stainless steel silverware. Stainless steel cookware, however, sometimes contains layers of aluminum because aluminum conducts heat ... Read More »

Can you weld stainless steel to aluminum?

Aluminum and steel can be welded together, however the process is complicated. Special welding techniques, such as the use of bimetallic transition materials or dissimilar material coating, must be... Read More »

Can you use stainless steel screws in aluminum?

You can use any type of screw in aluminum. Stainless steel screws provide strength and are much harder than those made of aluminum, but they tend to rust in certain circumstances.Source:Popular Mec... Read More »