Why is a pool at a condo complex considered private?

Answer Because it's maintained and paid for by HOA dues from the unit owners. If it were a public pool, everybody in the neighborhood would be entitled to use it, it might get municipal revenue funded by ... Read More »

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Is a pool at a condominium complex considered public or private?

Are limited common elements at condominium complex considered private?

Your answer depends on what 'private' use you expect of the limited common area that is dedicated to your unit. Limited common areas are subject to inspection by the association or its agents, main... Read More »

How do you convert a 33 unit rental condo building to an owner occupied 50 and older retirement condo complex?

Your terminology in the question is confusing: either your building is a rental building, or it's a condominium building. Each presents different challenges for conversion. If your building is a r... Read More »

You live in a condo complex Can communications for condo owners be distributed legally by putting them under the red flag on their mail boxes?

It's a good idea to read your governing documents regarding distribution of notices before you distribute any, because in doing so, you may be notified of a violation if you do so 'illegally'.Your ... Read More »