Why is a lectern shaped like an eagle?

Answer The lectern stands as the location from which Christian Biblical lessons are given. Lecterns hold the Bible in place as the church leader reads various passages from it. Lecterns in the shape of an... Read More »

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Is the cupula shaped like an inverted cup?

The cupula is part of the anatomy of the ear. It is shaped like a thin tube. It does not resemble an inverted cup. It more closely resembles a paper towel roll on its side.Source:Pub Med: Cupula of... Read More »

Why are pincushions shaped like tomatoes?

Most pin cushions are designed to look like tomatoes, complete with a little green leaf on the top. The tradition dates from the Victorian era.SignificanceDuring the Victorian era, around the turn ... Read More »

What city is shaped like a palm?

The palm islands located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are three cities located on artificially created islands. Each island is shaped like a palm tree with a crescent over it. The three palm isl... Read More »

Which state is shaped like a meat cleaver?

Oklahoma's long, thin, "panhandle" region, plus the squared-off silhouette of the Eastern portion of the state, makes it look like a meat cleaver to some observers. The state's southern border is t... Read More »