Why is a landform called a timberline?

Answer In North America the upper limits of a mountain forest is characterized by a conifer forest, dominated by balsam fir and several species of spruce. Sometimes called the timberline, this dense band ... Read More »

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What elevation is timberline?

Timberline varies by temperature, latitude, wind direction and exposure to sunlight. Timberline is highest in elevations near the tropics and lowest in elevations near the polar regions. Timberline... Read More »

What Is the Elevation of Timberline?

Timberline Ski Lodge lies on Mount Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain. Mount Hood's peak stands 11,235 feet above sea level. Timberline Lodge is at 6,000 feet, and its trails span almost 3,700 feet, f... Read More »

How high is the timberline?

The timberline, or treeline, which is the elevation at which trees will no longer grow, differs based on the location and conditions. Temperature, wind, latitude and sunlight all help determine tim... Read More »

What determines the timberline?

Climate is the most influential natural factor determining how far trees reach up a mountainside. Tree species are very adaptable, but elevation levels can only increase to a point before a climate... Read More »