Why is a ha-ha so called?

Answer It is a manglicized version of the French name ah-ah (or Ah! Ah!). It was possibly called this because the concealed ditch or retaining wall was a surprise. It is used to keep animals out of an are... Read More »

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What is the person called who cuts open dead body's on csi Miami called?

Rick Steller watch the episode but you have to figer out what episode it is.

My husband called me an idiot just because I called him lazy, is this justified?

It depends. Is he really lazy? Or did he just not do something. Are you really an idiot? Or is this question just idiotic?

Is it strange that the so called unbiased supporters of so called alternative therapies..?

It isn't strange, it is just what closed minded paranoics who can't defend their positions rationally do.As we are all aware, there has been an organized attempt in recent weeks to turn this board ... Read More »

Im called fat ALOT , and lately been called ugly , help (pictures)?

You just asked this question 20 minutes ago.