Why is a ha-ha so called?

Answer It is a manglicized version of the French name ah-ah (or Ah! Ah!). It was possibly called this because the concealed ditch or retaining wall was a surprise. It is used to keep animals out of an are... Read More »

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When 97.9 was called wsdm wasn't there a lady DJ called Jesse Rafeallater later had a talk show on TV?

I have a procedure called clamshell clamp for my heart. I have what's called ventricular septal Deffect. I?

Did you seriously have this procedure without asking these questions from your actual doctor first?That's the person you need to be talking to.

What is the name of that old YTV show called with that ugly green puppet girl who called her dog Russer all the time?

What is the person called who cuts open dead body's on csi Miami called?

Rick Steller watch the episode but you have to figer out what episode it is.