Why is a greenhouse made from glass?

Answer this makes possible for the sunlight to reach the plants inside.This makes it easier for the glass to project sunlight through the glass helping the plants inside grow while at the same time it pro... Read More »

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Greenhouse Glass Repair?

A greenhouse makes it possible to grow plants all year long, no matter the climate outdoors. Greenhouses are made of glass panes that trap sunlight indoors and creates a warm environment. In fact, ... Read More »

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Hmm... Lemonade sounds good since it's so hot out today, although I usually prefer apple juice (as long as it's ice cold).Lemonade it is ;) Goodnight Scooter!

What is greenhouse gas made of?

Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, in turn creating what is known as "global warming." According to the EPA, the main greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nit... Read More »

What is a greenhouse made of?

A greenhouse can be made of greenhouse plastic or glass, lumber and PVC piping. Greenhouse plastic is a special UV-resistant plastic. Four different types of greenhouse plastic are polyethylene, co... Read More »