How to Level a Grandfather Clock?

Answer A grandfather clock is one of the more majestic timepieces found in a home. Usually constructed of solid wood and containing a brass movement and heavy weights, a grandfather clock requires a solid... Read More »

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How do I adjust a grandfather clock?

Examine for AccuracySet your grandfather clock to the correct time by using an accurate timepiece as a reference. Look at the time about a day later to see if your clock is running fast or slow. Ad... Read More »

Do you really put kerosene in a grandfather clock?

It used to be common practice to apply kerosene to the internal mechanisms of a grandfather clock regularly, for cleaning and lubrication. Specialized clock oils are preferred nowadays, as kerosene... Read More »

How to Balance a Grandfather Clock?

The grandfather clock, also known as the long case clock, has been in existence since the 1600s. The clock contains a pendulum that swings in regularity, keeping the time accurate. The mechanism is... Read More »

How do I wind a grandfather clock?

Antique Grandfather ClockFind the winding points on the antique grandfather clock. There are generally two or three winding points in the face of older grandfather clocks. The winding point on the ... Read More »