Why is a credit check important to employers?

Answer Employers check the credit history of potential hires because people with bad credit are often thought to be less responsible than those with a good credit history. A credit check is important to s... Read More »

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Do employers check credit history?

Employers check credit history or perform background checks on potential and existing employees. Employers typically perform credit history checks for hiring and promotion purposes. An employer mus... Read More »

When do employers check background&credit?

Looking for a new job? Be prepared for a background check, which is standard procedure for most companies. Once you give written consent for a background check, your potential employer will be free... Read More »

Do employers have the right to check an applicant's credit score?

It is legal for a potential employer to request a copy of your credit report from the credit reporting bureaus. However, the employer will only be supplied with a copy of your report, excluding you... Read More »

How important is an associate's degree to employers?

Times have changed tremendously. Once a high school diploma was the necessity for a well paying job, but according to, the unemployment rate for individuals with a high school... Read More »