Why is a computer keyboard's letters scrambled?

Answer QWERTY - The common letters are near the home row for easy access. The original intent was used on typewriters to speed up typing by preventing common pairs of typebars from striking the platen at ... Read More »

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Why dont the letters on keyboards read across in alphabetical order?

THrowback from typewriters. the first ones were set like that to keep the keys from jamming when commonly used letters like st were next to eachotherEveryone got used to it, and peoples habits are ... Read More »

Does anyone know why computer keyboards are set out like QWERTY...etc?

It is not really accurate that the keys on a QWERTY keyboard are set out based on how much letters are used. It is an old format that dates back to the 1870's. It was created by a gentleman named C... Read More »

Information About Computer Keyboards?

People use computers for a variety of functions. Peripherals, or certain electronic devices that attach to computers, allow us to effectively interact with our PCs. One device often crucial to huma... Read More »

Can computer keyboards be put in a dishwasher?

No, keep keyboards as far away from a dishwasher as possible. Under the key's is a giant circuit board that relays the info from your button mashing to the CPU, this is not waterproof. In fact, I a... Read More »