Why is a chain needed for a boat anchor?

Answer The anchor itself is only a part of the gear boaters call "ground tackle." Besides the anchor, there is the chain and the line called the rode. Some boaters think they can bypass the chain portion ... Read More »

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How to Anchor a Boat?

How to anchor a boat. It is a tough thing offshore when the wind is blowing and the boat is rocking. Use these simple steps to anchor a boat.

What anchor do I use on my boat?

On One Hand: Match Your Anchor To Your BoatThe bigger the boat, the bigger your anchor and the more anchor line you should take. A good ratio is one pound of anchor and one foot of line per foot of... Read More »

How long is a shot of anchor chain?

One fathom equals six feet. There are 15 fathoms (90 feet) in a shot of anchor chain. Every shot of anchor chain is joined by a detachable link. Each detachable link is marked with alternating co... Read More »

How to Splice an Anchor Rope to Chain?

Contrary to what some believe, anchor rope does not come spliced to an anchor chain from the factory. There are some boaters who are so proficient at splicing three-strand line to an anchor chain t... Read More »