Why is a Mac Better than a PC for Pictures?

Answer Macs, as compared with PCs, come standard with several excellent photograph programs including Photo Booth, iPhoto, Aperature and Preview. Macs can natively import almost all photographs from any c... Read More »

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Why do i look better in the mirror than in pictures?

Well, nobody said it yet - have you got a picture of your reflection to compare...?I think what you are describing here is a still image compared to a real-life animated version.Eyes take in the re... Read More »

Are cable tv pictures better than satellite?

On One Hand: Cable ReceptionCable can receive both digital and analog signals with analog being of a lower quality. While most stations choose to broadcast in digital, some have stuck with analog. ... Read More »

Does an expensive memory card give better pictures in a digital camera than a cheap one?

It may store more pictures, be less likely to malfunction, and or have a higher read/write speed, but it won't make your pictures lok better.

In 2010 will there be a phone better than the iPhone or is there already one better than the iPhone?

Phones will continue to become more like our computers. There will always be a better, faster, smaller, more functional phone down the line.As far as service goes, the future is wi-fi, cell technol... Read More »