Why is a Blu-Ray disk called Blu-Ray?

Answer The name Blu-ray Disc refers to the blue laser used to read the disc, which allows for six times more storage than on a DVD. The term Blu was used because blue is commonly used in English and there... Read More »

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What is a clean up disk called for a computer?

There really is not a clean up disk for a computer. To a computer professional, cleaning a computer can mean defragmenting the hard drive, checking for spyware, optimizing settings or reducing the ... Read More »

How to Run Check Disk & Disk Defrag & How Many Phases to Check Disk?

If your PC is running slowly and bombards you with errors, it's a sign that you need to perform some maintenance. Don't buy expensive maintenance and optimization software until you learn a few tri... Read More »

My USB removable disk is, for unknown reason showing the message "Disk is write-protected"....?

There are many sites out there that talk about this problem and ways to fix it. This is just one example:…I've seen people state that removing the USB driv... Read More »

How do i convert a avi disk to mpg4 or can i put this disk onto movie maker thank you.?

A tool called WinX Video Converter Platinum can help you.… ***************Key features:1.Convert videos between popular SD video formats such as AVI, FLV, ... Read More »