Why is YouTube's comment section filled with stupid people?

Answer I don't have a clue. It's sad that such idiotic people managed to learn how to use Youtube.

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Why won't the YouTube comment section load?

SAME!! It happened since yesterday night for me. However on my phone, the comments seem to load.. weird!!Edit: OMG guess what, I researched a little and tried clear the cookies and emptying your ca... Read More »

Should I be offended by my boss's comment that "Lazy, drunk, stupid and careless is no way to go through life"?

She's probably just venting rage because she's a type-A control freak with a stick shoved so far up her *** she wouldn't even know how to relax and have a drink. Of course, you can't tell her that... Read More »

Please Comment ....Shoud there be a Section for Kids& Simple English users, Like we have in

i personally agree with the simple english version, but kids don't need to be on the net unsupervised. so they don't need their own section.

Kind of over the pregnancy section. Are you sick of stupid questions too?

I feel the same when, and when I asked this very same question (maybe not as nicely lol) I was violated. Someone who asked those dumb questions probably got offended because they knew I was right.... Read More »