Why is YouTube called YouTube?

Answer YOU: Meaning the general public (made by them)TUBE: An old word for a TV (symbolizing the video aspect of YouTube)Hope this helps!:)

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Where is a good place to get YouTube Layouts and stuff for your youtube channel.?

Theres some really awesome layouts on this site, i know i personally love them. Theres a ton of stuff on there for your youtube channel, enjoy!

Why have my youtube views/monetised clicks not yet been calculated if I am a youtube partner?

what makes you so sure you have earned money?People have to click on the ad, not just watch the video for you to get paid, even then you get paid very little, but it does add up.

Is there a recent problem with Youtube Between Youtube and Mozilla Firefox?

Your flash player is not probably up to date amada,you need to update your flash player! Try using chrome, it has the latest updated flash player in-built!

Can I apply my Youtube channel to IGN for a partnership if my Youtube account is combined with Adwords?