Why is Windows XP so much more popular than Vista?

Answer In my personal experience, I hate all the pop-ups Vista does. It constantly asks you if you want to do something-like something you just did. You try to open a program or a web page and it asks you... Read More »

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In the UK why is Coke more popular than UK soft drinks, and Mcdonalds more popular than fish n chips?

Because we try so hard to be American.Unfortunately, we, the Brits, have no culture, so we try and adopt someone else culture instead.I don't even know what we will do on the Opening Ceremony when ... Read More »

How to Get Windows Vista to Recognize More Than 3GB?

Microsoft Windows Vista comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, which differ significantly in how the operating system and computer manages memory (RAM). The 64-bit Vista is capable of recognizin... Read More »

Is an SUV more popular than a minivan?

SUVs are more popular than minivans, especially if you include car-based crossovers or CUVs with truck-based SUVs. According to The Wall Street Journal, 91,111 SUVs were sold in June 2010 in the Un... Read More »

Why windows xp loads faster than windows vista both on PCs with same processor and RAM?

the reason for this is that vista is a newer operating system, and it has more features and is more "power thirsty".if we look back to operating systems running about 15-20 years ago, they are so m... Read More »