Why is Windows XP running so slow?

Answer Windows XP was introduced by Microsoft in 2001 and quickly developed into a robust and stable operating system. Computers equipped with Windows XP, however, may suffer performance deterioration ove... Read More »

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How to Fix a Slow-Running Windows XP Home Edition With SP2?

With Windows XP Service Pack 2, the operating system had never had more functionality than at that point. Like any other operating system, over time Windows XP, even with Service Pack 2, will slow ... Read More »

My laptop is running really slow i have run a defrag disc cleaner spy wear and anti virus but it is still slow?

You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to and get AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destory. Install, run, update and scan your comput... Read More »

Why is my pc running so slow?

Man that could be anything... if it's suddenly been going slow, make sure your primary disk space isn't too low. If it is, delete some programs and/or games. Also, run defragment on all drives - ... Read More »

My pc is running slow?

A PC that suddenly starts running slow could well have a virus.You need to go to this web site and download the free programme and run it.