Why is Wikipedia written like its in the UK (England) ?

Answer It may be that there are more non-American contributors, but also I believe it is one of Wikipedia's policies not to "edit war" based solely on differences of English style. Some pages are American... Read More »

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How come Wikipedia reads like it's written by one person (Like, we each have a different personality so sho?

"Massive" doesn't begin to describe the scale of collaborative editing. Many articles have hundreds or even thousands of contributors, each contributor doing varying amounts of work on the article.... Read More »

How to get a wikipedia page written about yourself.?

Everyone has the ability to make a user page about themselves. Just create a WIkipedia account and click on your username at the top of the screen. If, however, you are highly notable, you will h... Read More »

Have You Ever Written Or Edited An Article On Wikipedia?

I have written articles but it's tough work referencing everything all the time as they discourage 'original research'.I do use Wikipedia as a source from time to time but you have to take it with ... Read More »

What has the longest wikipedia page written about it?

HelloOn this page you'll getthe requested information.…