Why is Wikipedia taken seriously as a source of information?

Answer It is all about sources:… - "Even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add it".What really matters is how you pick up th... Read More »

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Should wikipedia actually be taken more seriously?

Wikipedia is a great source for everyday stuff and I use it a lot for like pop culture stuff. However, it shouldn't be used has a primary source or be taken seriously when doing a research assignme... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a source for real information?

Although it can be edited, they can revert the changes you make to it if it is not true. They take information off of reliable sources, which can be viewed at the bottom and they cite their sources... Read More »

Is wikipedia a reliable source for information?

No, because the information is input-ed by average people like us. Some people will list a citation of a credible resource when they type info in wikipedia and some people do not list a citation or... Read More »

Is wikipedia a relyable source of information?

It basically depends on who you ask, as you'll get just as many yes answers as you will no answers. Overall, it's a fairly decent source of information. However, there are at least a few articles t... Read More »