Why is Wikipedia so useless and biased for controversial subject?

Answer I'm convinced that the lizard-people who secretly control Wikipedia have "got it in" for those of us who think that Wikipedia is useless and biased for controversial subject, Woofs. Damn.Oh - and w... Read More »

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Non-Biased Controversial Research Topics?

Researching non-biased and controversial issues involves exploring both sides of subject matter that often contain polarizing viewpoints. Students analyzing these issues should include views from m... Read More »

Wikipedia becoming more biased than it used to be?

As I have read both the Freemason and Bilderberg Group and found them to be generally accurate, I agree with Stephen that your coming to the Wiki with a pre-existing bias.As for the Recession info,... Read More »

What are some biased wikipedia articles?…………

How do you "flag" a wikipedia article as being extremely biased?

Use {{POV}} at the top of the page's source. Then go to the discussion page, and tell them what you just said, explaining why you think the article is not neutral.