Why is Wikipedia so inaccurate?

Answer This is a question that comes up a lot, worded many different ways, and usually half the answers are just "because anyone can edit it." Like it or not, Wikipedia is a major force in our culture tod... Read More »

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Why is wikipedia inaccurate?

They were actually both wrong. If you had looked at the page closer you would have seen a reference, the reference shows that it is in fact 1.8%, not 2.8% or 0.8%. I have updated the pages to state... Read More »

Is Wikipedia inaccurate?

No, it is not. Your friend for most part is right on this. There are many reasons why also, but basically on Wikipedia you can get anyway with ANYTHING as long as there a so called "source" backing... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia bad...hated...inaccurate...?

You are in the right for using it only for informal things. If anyone can change it, then the information is unreliable for formal papers and such. That's why teachers hate it so much. In reality, ... Read More »

Why do people think Wikipedia is so inaccurate?

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Some people think that Wikipedia is quite unreliable because they can't believe that in general this system works. Though they generally do a go... Read More »